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Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you find inspiration here we love and appreciate donations. If you […]. Scorpio Season invites us to honor the more mysterious elements of life.

Solar eclipse of February 7, 2073

Themes of magic, death, and rebirth will dominate these days. Holidays like Samhain—a Gaelic festival that marks the end of […].

Capricorn February 2018 Astrology Forecast: Solar Eclipse in Your Money House!

I don't share your info with anyone else. Mars is going to enter that house of philosophy and stay there all through December, in Scorpio, and so this will be a really productive time for research and assessment as well, perhaps even travel, if you can manage that, for broadening your scope of understanding, in general. Then on November 26ththere is a stand-alone New Moon at 4 degrees Sagittarius in your lowest house, that of the seat of the soul; now this is really a blessing.

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At this time you may feel the very weight of your being, the immeasurable light of your soul, divorced from all circumstances, associations, relationships, or trajectories. This is a time of rare spiritual accord with the universe, and of centering from deep within. Voluntary isolation at least for a day to take in all the messages from the universe bubbling up from within your own consciousness would be really restorative for you. The Magazine.

You might be waiting to launch, but the stars are already a step ahead of you. Watch for things to shape up between November 8 to 14 in some advantaged way.

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The Mercury transit could bring news or set wheels in motion in a lucrative or constructive way. Mars enters Scorpio on November 18 and will continue in this sign through January 3. Mercury ends retrograde in Scorpio on November 20, moving onto Sagittarius on December 9.

Both transits assist your ability to move forward and to set something more tangible, concrete or substantial into play. Daily life hit the speed dial as January opens.

Manage your expectations with November's friendly New Moon

Mars, freshly into Aries keeps your phone ringing and your fit-bit number-crunching your steps. The make-it-real solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 5 is accompanied by the end of Uranus retrograde in Aries January 6. Perhaps long in the works or anticipated, your future has finally arrived. Even so, there may be more working it out or finishing up to do until you are fully transitioned into the new chapter. Look to be well on your way once you are through the next set of eclipses in the summer.

January 21 delivers a super full moon total lunar eclipse in Leo. You can have a lot riding on faith, perhaps more than you would sign up for ordinarily.

What Does This New Moon in Cancer Mean?

Time reveals all.